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Got y’all thinking it’s Sunday huh?
God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, my father, my heart, my bet friend, my soul mate, my provider. His LOVE and SACRIFICE has been too great and abundant for me not to share it. Why y’all running from a love so good. No drug, no sexual activity, no man, no woman, no person, no earthly bound object will ever bring you what he can. My favorite thing to say lately has been “GET RIGHT BEFORE HE GETS BACK!!” And I already know I’ll lose a lot of followers but I’m not worried! Jesus had less than me and he was still THAT MAN!!!!!!!

Jesus, You are my joy within.
You are the shelter from the wind.
You’re the forgiver of my sins.
Where can I go, who can I call?
Who’s there to catch me when I fall?
Your hands, they hold me through it all
Jesus, You are my cornerstone
You are my friend when I’m alone
You’re the convictor when I’m wrong
Jesus, You are
You’re the peace within my storm.
You are the shelter from all harm.
I love it when You hold me in Your arms.
Everything I need, You are….

But I swear y’all still don’t hear me though!

"Lord, they really think they fooling you, By coming to church on Sunday.
Praying and laying hands on folks
Stomping and jumping around, faking the Holy Ghost.
But it’s a thin line between walking it and talking it,
And living it and giving it
or just pretending it’s alright
And did they really think that they could
Pull the wool over your eyes?
Lord, did they really think that by faking they were saved?
That they would get the same reward?”

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